Boy using 3D pen. Happy child making flower from colored ABS plastic.

Our Responsibility

Torwell Technologies Co., Ltd ranks among the best in the field of 3D printing researching and innovating, which comes from its responsibility to the society. Torwell is responsible for society, employees, customers, suppliers and environment, and devoted to the sustainable development of the enterprise!!

Our Responsibility

Responsibility to 3D printing.

Our mission is to provide the best in class of products, technical supports, sales and services in the 3D printing industry. We will always make sure that all 3d printing has resources which they need to unleash their creative potential and also successfully integrate additive manufacturing with their business. We believe the high performance of Torwell materials offer solutions that will develop 3D printing into a mainstream manufacturing method, such as Aerospace, Engineering, Automotive, Architecture, Product Design, Medical, Dental, Beverage and Food.

Responsibility to Customers.

The service concept we have always adhered to and advocated is "Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expected, and be the reliable and eternal partner to customers" Provide the highest quality products, professional service team, pay attention to every customer requirement in a timely and all-round way, and enable customers to experience ubiquitous satisfaction and trust through extensive, comprehensive and fast Q&A.

Responsibilities to Employees.

As an innovative company, "people-oriented" is an important humanistic philosophy of the company. Here we treat each member of Torwell with respectfully, appreciatively, and patience. Torwell believes that the happiness of employee's families will effectively improve work efficiency. Torwell always try its best to provide employees with generous salary incentives, excellent working environment, training opportunities and careers expansion capacity, and has formulated a set of strict service guidelines to ensure that employees have high professional quality and technical level.

Responsibilities to Suppliers.

“Mutual assistance and mutual trust, win-win cooperation” Suppliers are the partners. In order to promote honesty and self-discipline, openness and transparency, fair competition, honesty and trustworthiness in cooperation, reduce procurement costs and improve efficiency, Torwell has established a complete and strict management system to supply chains which include qualification assessment, price review, quality Inspection, technical assistance, and create a good supply and demand cooperation relationship.

 Responsibility to Environment.

Environmental protection is an eternal subject for human beings, and any industry and any enterprise are obliged to abide by and promote it. 3D printing technology is an effective means to reduce waste and environmental pollution. The mainstream 3D printing material PLA is a degradable bio-based Plastic, the printed models can be degraded naturally in the air and soil, and it is a good way to realize where the material comes from and where it goes back. At the same time, Torwell provides customers with more environmental protection options, such as detachable and recycled spools, cardboard spools which reduced environmental pollution.